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'''Taurus Ceti IV''' is the [[fourth planets|fourth]] [[planet]] in the [[Taurus Ceti system]]. [[Captain]] [[Kathryn Janeway]] found her [[dog]], [[Mollie]], as a puppy in a pound on Taurus Ceti IV. ({{VOY|Shattered}})
'''Taris Seti IV''' was the [[fourth planets|fourth]] [[planet]] in its [[star system|system]].
:''The planet may have been intended to be [[Tau Ceti IV]], since Janeway's father died on [[Tau Ceti Prime]].''
{{Captain}} [[Kathryn Janeway]] found her [[dog]], [[Mollie]], as a puppy in a {{dis|pound|establishment}} on Taris Seti IV. ({{VOY|Shattered}})
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[[es:Taurus Ceti IV]]
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Taris Seti IV was the fourth planet in its system.

Captain Kathryn Janeway found her dog, Mollie, as a puppy in a pound on Taris Seti IV. (VOY: "Shattered")

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