The Tarsian War was a protracted conflict involving the Angosians of Angosia III during the mid-24th century.

The war was a severe and bloody affair that claimed many lives over several years. This presented a particular problem to the Angosians, who were an inherently non-violent species. In order to surmount this problem, the Angosians resorted to extreme measures under extraordinary circumstances. They forced their soldiers to undergo genetic engineering, chemical manipulation, and psychological conditioning in order become more willing to engage in the violence necessary to end the conflict.

At the end of the war the process was discovered to be irreversible and the soldiers who had undergone the treatment were unable to function within or co-exist alongside the normal, pacifist population of Angosian society. The Angosian authorities subsequently confined all returning veterans, including Roga Danar, to a penal settlement on an Angosian moon, Lunar V.

In 2366, the Angosians petitioned to join the Federation, who ultimately put their application on hold until such time as the soldiers could be re-integrated into the society. (TNG: "The Hunted")

The name "Tarsian War" was never identified as referring to a location or a species and as such the enemy of the Angosians in this conflict is not known with certainty.

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