Tau Ceti Prime was a prime planet orbiting the star Tau Ceti. This star was located in the Alpha Quadrant.

Vice Admiral Janeway died on Tau Ceti Prime, when he drowned under an ice cap, in 2358. (VOY: "Coda")

Background information

The location of Tau Ceti was labeled on a star chart seen in the Star Trek: Picard episode "Maps and Legends".

According to Star Trek: Star Charts (p. 44) and Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library ("Federation Historical Highlights, 2161-2385"), the Kaferia (Tau Ceti) system was located in the Alpha Quadrant. In the late 24th century, this was a Federation system, with Tau Ceti III listed as a member.

According to the Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 2, p. 375), Tau Ceti Prime was the first planet in the Tau Ceti system.

In The Autobiography of Kathryn Janeway, Admiral Janeway's death was described as occurring while piloting a test vehicle that could transition quickly from orbital to suborbital to underwater flight on Tau Ceti Prime because the planet was the closest approximation to Etaris IV, a planet in contention during the Cardassian Wars. (pp. 63-64)

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