Taxco was an Arbazan ambassador to the United Federation of Planets during the late-24th century.

In 2369, Taxco, along with fellow ambassadors Vadosia, Lwaxana Troi, and Lojal, visited Deep Space 9 on a fact-finding mission to the Bajoran wormhole. Both on the voyage to the station and once she got there, she demanded larger quarters than the standard guest size. Doctor Bashir was unable to accommodate her request, however, as all guest quarters were identical and the larger quarters for the crew were all full. In Taxco's opinion, Bashir should have given up his quarters temporarily. She demanded that Bashir address her as "madame ambassador."

When a "puppy"-like program temporarily took control of DS9's computer, Taxco and her fellow ambassadors were trapped in a corridor as a fire erupted and the fire-suppression systems failed to respond. Bashir, who was escorting them to their quarters at the time, saved them by evacuating them into a nearby conduit. Taxco was quite humbled by the experience and expressed her sincere gratitude to Bashir. (DS9: "The Forsaken")

Taxco was played by Constance Towers.
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