Taymon was a humanoid male, who claimed to have joined his civilization's merchant fleet because he wanted to explore every quarter of the galaxy.

At some point before 2373 he was infected with a Taresian retrovirus that transformed him into a male Taresian. He "returned" to the Taresian homeworld, and was among the group to welcome Harry Kim's "return" to Taresia.

He was eventually married to three of its women, including Malia, who on their honeymoon killed him for his genetic material. This was the way the Taresians propagated their species. (VOY: "Favorite Son")

Taymon was played by actor Patrick Fabian.
In Taymon's original telling of his origins, he stated that "my foster parents on Archellia didn't want me to join the merchant fleet. They thought it was too dangerous." Those lines were trimmed from the final episode to what is stated above.

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