Tebok's warbird was a D'deridex-class Romulan warbird commanded by Commander Tebok during the mid-2360s.

In 2364, Tebok's warbird was dispatched to the border of the Romulan Neutral Zone to investigate the destruction of several of their outposts. They continued their investigation by venturing across the zone and into Federation space to determine if the Federation was responsible for the attack.

Upon crossing into Federation space the ship encountered the USS Enterprise-D. After a brief stand-off, it was determined that the Federation was not responsible for the destruction, and Tebok's warbird returned to Romulan space. (TNG: "The Neutral Zone")

Tebok's warbird was the first Romulan warbird seen in the Star Trek franchise.
The Starships expansion to the Star Trek Roleplaying Game published by Decipher identified it as the "Harax" and gave its registry as "IRC 1969".


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