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== External link ==
== External link ==
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{{DEFAULTSORT|Davis, Teddy}}
{{DEFAULTSORT|Davis, Teddy}}

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J. Teddy Davis is the actress who portrayed a transporter technician in the third season I AM ERROR episode "Sins of the Father" in 1990.

Davis also had guest roles on Freddy's Nightmares (1989, with Albert Hall, Mary Kohnert, Walter Gotell, and Andrew Prine), Murphy Brown (1991), and Growing Pains (1992, with Warren Munson).

In addition she was seen in the 1989 television movie The Case of the Hillside Stranglers, along with Tony Plana, and had a supporting role in the 1991 television movie Murderous Vision. Her only film credit was a featured part as a nurse in the 1991 comedy All I Want for Christmas, while her last known television work was an appearance on the series Freshman Dorm in 1992.

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