Teirna was a member of the Kazon-Nistrim and one of Seska's aides. USS Voyager answered a distress call from his shuttle in late 2372. His parents were killed in a Trabe attack shortly after his birth.

He told Chakotay that Seska was dead and that he escaped by bribing a guard. Chakotay did not trust him, as Teirna was one of the Kazon that beat him when Chakotay infiltrated Culluh's ship.

Chakotay's suspicions turned out to be correct, as Teirna was in reality a suicide bomber; what The Doctor believed to be polycythemia was in fact a process that turned his tissues into a high explosive. During the battle with the Kazon fleet, he used a needle embedded inside an artificial toenail to trigger the explosives, rendering Voyager helpless and allowing the Kazon to capture the ship. (VOY: "Basics, Part I")

Teirna was played by John Gegenhuber.

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