A telepathic mating bond is an uncontrollable desire to mate, initiated by telepathic contact with a Vulcan during their pon farr cycle.

When Vulcans undergo pon farr, it is possible for them to initiate a telepathic mating bond with a desired mate. This is usually done through a mind meld, and only requires brief contact between the Vulcan and the person they are attempting to mate with. The intended mate does not have to be a willing recipient of the meld, or the resulting bond.

Once intended mates have received a telepathic mating bond, they will come under the effects of pon farr themselves and be driven to mate. If this condition is not resolved, it can be just as deadly as a naturally-occurring pon farr in a Vulcan.

A telepathic mating bond may be initiated even with a non-Vulcan individual, and even in people with no trace of Vulcan heritage. The bond will have the same effects as if the person were going through pon farr. (VOY: "Blood Fever")

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