The Tellarite shuttle was a type of shuttlecraft used by the Tellarites in the mid-22nd century.

It was capable of landing on a planet's surface, and had numerous armaments. It was also equipped with three buoys, capable of emitting a false warp signature. This would allow the shuttle to launch one when someone was after it, and they wouldn't be able to tell which was the shuttle and which was the buoy.

In the late 2140s, a Tellarite named Skalaar had his ship, the Tezra, impounded by the Klingon Empire. To pay the impound fees, he became a bounty hunter, and used a Tellarite shuttle. (ENT: "Bounty")

Background information Edit

In the final draft script of "Bounty", the Tellarite shuttle, as seen from the exterior, was initially described simply as "small" and, later, "miniscule". The interior was scripted to be "Cramped and lived-in. In many ways, it resembles a one-room apartment... a GALLEY is off to one side [....] In the aft section, there's a makeshift CELL [...] [with] a series of hi-tech, interlocking bars." Obviously, the script also described controls, such as for the helm, as being outside the cell.

The Tellarite shuttle was scripted to leave from Enterprise's launch bay at the end of "Bounty". However, in the final edit of the episode, the shuttle is never aboard Enterprise and docks with it only at the start of the installment.

The interior of Skalaar's shuttle was a redress of the Class 2 shuttle set from Star Trek: Voyager.

For more information on the studio model, see VOY studio models.

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