Tellarite space station

The Tellarite station in 2152.

The Tellarite space station was a Tellarite supply base near the Klingon border in operation in the 22nd century, only a few days from Qo'noS.

The station was open to alien ships as well, as Vulcan cruisers were known to dock there.

Skalaar's brother Gaavrin took a lowly job scrubbing plasma conduits there after the Tezra was impounded. Skalaar later returned in his shuttle for supplies in 2152, hoping Gaavrin would join him as first officer again. But Gaavrin explained the Tezra had been salvaged for parts, and stayed aboard the station. (ENT: "Bounty")

In the final draft script of "Bounty", this space station was physically described as "large" with "many ports", enough for "a half-dozen small vessels" to be docked at.
The CGI model of this station was a modified reuse of the Kelvas repair facility from DS9: " Shadows and Symbols". It is unknown whether the station was indeed a Cardassian facility. Even the script regarded the station merely as "alien", rather than specifying one or more species it belongs to.