Glinn Telle was a Cardassian officer in the Cardassian military who served aboard the Galor-class warship Trager under Gul Macet during the mid-2360s.

In 2367, he accompanied Macet aboard the USS Enterprise-D as part of the observation team in the pursuit of USS Phoenix. During the mission, he was discovered by security at a computer station on Deck 35, apparently attempting to access information on the Enterprise-D's weapons system.

After being escorted to the bridge by Worf, Telle explained that the accusations were false, and that he was simply studying terminal interface system, noting how much more efficient they were than the Cardassian equivalent, adding that he had no idea what was in the files. Nevertheless, as a show of good faith, Macet confined Telle to his quarters for the rest of the mission.

Following the incident, Macet spoke to Captain Jean-Luc Picard in private, where he expressed his deep regret what his aide had done, adding that he would be disciplined upon their return to the Trager. Picard informed Macet that he could take whatever action against Telle he felt was appropriate, but as far as Picard was concerned, the matter was already closed. (TNG: "The Wounded")

Telle was played by Marco Rodriguez.
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