Tempering was the process of treating a metal with heat in order to strengthen it.

In 2268, while observing several axes in a cave on Sigma Draconis III, James T. Kirk noted that the metal it was made of was forged and tempered, and therefore not of Morg origin. (TOS: "Spock's Brain")

In 2369, Mullibok expressed his wish to finish building his kiln and temper his baking pots. (DS9: "Progress")

In 2370, while rehearsing a discussion with his son Alexander, Worf compared a warrior to a sword tempered by experience. (TNG: "Firstborn")

In Skoran's opinion, the radioactive material left over from a crashed Federation deep space probe had been tempered. (TNG: "Thine Own Self")

In 2372, Gul Dukat metaphorically described Kira Nerys as "a Bajoran tempered with Cardassian steel". (DS9: "Indiscretion")

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