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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)


This template is intended to be used at the top of articles which discuss topics from timelines, realities, or universes "alternate" to Star Trek's "prime" timeline. It allows easy identification of the article's scope by adding a full-width box as an absolute header, pushing the article page itself down.

The template is used with one parameter, identifying the exact header to be used. As an example, the box at the top of this page is the result of the template call {{article type|rw}}.

Currently, the following parameters exist, though generally speaking only the appropriate sub-templates should be used:

{{real world}} - rw
used for production point of view articles.
{{alt reality}} - ar
used for "alternate reality" pages.
{{alt timeline}} - at
used for pages containing information exclusively from a different timeline/reality/universe, other than the "prime", "alternate", and "mirror" ones.
{{mirror}} - mu
used for "mirror universe" pages.
{{mirror alt}} - am
used for pages containing information from alternate timelines of the mirror universe.
{{multiple}} - xx
used on pages containing information from more than one timeline/reality/universe.
{{vision}} - vi
used on pages containing information exclusively from visions and illusions.
{{retcon}} - rc
used for retcon pages that cover information that was retroactively changed.

Resources used

Individual sub-templates make use of the following image files (see each image for its original source):