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This is a template for pages to specify whether or not they want visits from any bots, most bots, or specific bots. This can be used to easily and explicitly opt-in or opt-out of unsolicited bot posts to user pages or to cause maintenance bots to avoid certain pages. Explicitly opting-in has the advantage of possibly receiving useful changes or targeted posts that might otherwise be skipped by the bot assuming a default "opt-out" behavior. These templates should be used mainly on the "User" and "User talk" namespaces and should be used carefully in other spaces.



Ban all bots (shortcut)


Allow all bots (shortcut)


Ban all the bots not in the list


Ban all the bots in the list


<botlist> is a comma-delimited string of bot usernames, i.e.:


<botlist> can also be "none" or "all" as in the following examples:


Allow all bots


Ban all bots


Ban all bots


Allow all bots

Note that bots are not bound to observe the nobots tag; it will depend on their functionality, their owners, and their terms of approval.


  • A patch for Python Wikipedia Robot Framework can be found here.
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