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This template is designed as a navigational tool for calendar-related pages. The general framework is:

{{Calendar nav
| series      = 
| prev        = 
| next        = 
| series2     = 
| prev2       = 
| next2       = 


A general example of the template, where the relevant previous and next cells all point to separate calendars:

{{Calendar nav
| series      = ''[[The Star Trek Calendar]]''
| prev        = ''[[The Star Trek Calendar (1992)|The Star Trek 1992 Calendar]]''
| next        = ''[[The Star Trek Calendar (1994)|The Star Trek 1994 Calendar]]''
| series2     = [[Star Trek films calendars|''Star Trek'' films calendars]]
| prev2       = ''[[The Star Trek Calendar (1990)|Star Trek V: The Final Frontier]]''
| next2       = ''[[Star Trek: The Next Generation Calendar (1996)|Star Trek Generations]]''

This results in the following:

Previous calendar: Series Next calendar:
The Star Trek 1992 Calendar The Star Trek Calendar The Star Trek 1994 Calendar
Star Trek V: The Final Frontier Star Trek films calendars  Star Trek Generations
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