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{{DEFAULTSORT|<sort key>}} makes use of a magic word that is used to modify the sequence of pages in categories. Generally, this is used to place a family name first, so, for example, James T. Kirk would be alphabetized under "K" instead of "J."

Note that a sort key directly in a category tag will override this magic word, and that, for example, in DPL-generated lists, the page will still be listed with its actual title, regardless of the modified sort order.

It is not necessary to use this magic word if the article's actual title is how it should be grouped.

In the case of multiple DEFAULTSORT tags, only the last one rendered will have any effect on categories.

Please use the magic word directly, with a ":", instead of this template, which uses a pipe symbol "|", if the article is in the pages where template include size is exceeded category.

The intention of this template is to make it possible to find pages that are using, or are missing, a defaultsort using extensions such as DPL, instead of having to traverse every page's wikitext.


{{DEFAULTSORT|Sort key}}

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