{{DISPLAYTITLE:<title to be displayed>}} makes use of a magic word that is used to modify the formatting of the title of the article which contains it. It can be used to display italics or shift to super- or sub-scripted text.

It should never be used to change the displayed title of an article to something other than the title of the article. For example, the article Constitution class should never be displayed as Constitution-class because Constitution-class is not the actual title of the article.

If there is more than one instance of DISPLAYTITLE and they do not all specify the same title, only the last instance is enacted.

Please use the magic word directly, with a ":", instead of this template, which uses a pipe symbol "|", if the article is in the pages where template include size is exceeded category.

The intention of this template is to make it possible to find pages that are using, or are missing, a displaytitle using extensions such as DPL, instead of having to traverse every page's wikitext.


{{DISPLAYTITLE|title to be displayed}}

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