Breakdowns (eBook cover)

Breakdowns - eBook 28

Breakdowns is the 28th eBook in the Star Trek: Starfleet Corps of Engineers series, and the final book dealing with the crew's reactions to the aftermath of the catastrophic Galvan VI incident, where half of the da Vinci's complement were killed.

This final chapter focuses on Captain David Gold, as he contacts the families of the twenty-three members of his crew who died under his command to give his personal apologies, and Commander Sonya Gomez, who has to deal with the loss of Kieran Duffy, who had asked her to marry him before dying at Galvan VI.

In San Francisco, a Starfleet Tribunal headed by Vice Admiral William Ross finds the near-destruction of the da Vinci and all twenty-three deaths related to the incident on Galvan VI not the fault of Captain David Gold and in the line of duty. The only officers present are Admirals Ross, Sitak, and Captain Scott – as David Gold had requested a closed session to let the survivors stay on their shore leave. Captain Scott, head of the Starfleet Engineering Corps reminds Gold that it really wasn't his fault – and that nothing he could have done would have changed the outcome. Gold finally gives in to Scotty, and heads to his home in the Bronx, New York with his wife Rachel. After a happy reunion with his dog Freser, he is greeted by his entire family (which is very large.) He sees several of his children and great-grandchildren he hasn't seen in years. After several minutes of exchanging stories, they go to have dinner, another of Rachel's famous meals...

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