Enterprise's agony booth, a new invention

"In a Mirror, Darkly" is the eighteenth episode of the fourth season of Star Trek: Enterprise and the first episode of a two episode arc.

"Captain's starlog – January 13, 2155. We've left Gorlan Station and have set a course to rendezvous with our assault fleet. Major Reed and the doctor have asked for a few minutes to show me their latest project."

Aboard the ISS Enterprise, Reed and Dr. Phlox demonstrate their new invention of an agony booth to Captain Maximilian Forrest and First Officer Jonathan Archer, using the booth on a Tellarite officer named Terev. The observers discuss attributes of certain torture methods. Although Reed is unsure why Terev is being punished, the Major believes all Tellarites are guilty of something. Captain Forrest exits, followed out by Archer.

In a corridor, Archer reminds the captain of a proposal he made to venture into Tholian space, as Archer has received news of a technology there that would give the Terran Empire the upper hand against the rebellion. However, Forrest wants to help the Empire's assault fleet annihilate the rebels, as ordered by Starfleet...

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