William T. Riker as ensign aboard Enterprise (NX-01)

Riker at the engineering station of the NX-class Enterprise

"These Are the Voyages..." is the 22nd episode of the fourth season and series finale of Star Trek: Enterprise.

In 2161, the bridge officers of the NX-class spacecraft Enterprise have a casual discussion on the bridge of their ship, Captain Archer exiting from his ready room midway through the conversation. The officers mention both an upcoming ceremony – the signing of a charter between the members of an interstellar alliance, for which Archer is busy writing a speech – and the similarly imminent decommissioning of Enterprise, which Archer intends to postpone until after the charter has been signed.

Following a vocal command that signals all senior officers to report to the bridge, a bearded William T. Riker – having been quietly sitting at Enterprise's engineering station, dressed as a 22nd century Starfleet ensign of the command division – states a directive for a computer to "freeze program"; the environment of Enterprise's bridge and the other officers therein are actually holograms, and Riker's instruction was to the computer of the real ship he is aboard. After Riker saves and ends the simulation, the resultant change in his surroundings and uniform reveal he is, in fact, serving as a commander and is in the holodeck of the USS Enterprise-D, which he promptly exits...

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