Romulan warbird power transfer

The Enterprise-D appears to be under attack from a Romulan warbird

"Timescape" - Captain Picard, Lt. Cmdrs Data and La Forge and Counselor Troi are on board a runabout on course for a rendezvous with the USS Enterprise-D. Data turns helm control of the runabout over to the computer and joins the others, who are sitting at a table finishing their lunch, discussing the conference they attended on the effects of deep space assignments.

Soon, the runabout arrives at the rendezvous coordinates but there is no sign of the Enterprise. La Forge reads a faint, possibly metallic, signature, however power levels from the signature are negligible and appear fragmented. The runabout makes its way to the source of the signal but the fragmentation effect increases and the runabout slows further to compensate. Looking through the cockpit window, the crewmembers' confusion turns to shock – the Enterprise and a Romulan Warbird are in the midst of a battle, but the disruptor fire from the Warbird is frozen in mid-blast and both ships appear suspended in time.

The three officers materialize on the bridge of the Enterprise and discover that the vessel has taken some damage. Three Romulans are present, all armed with disruptors. The officers investigate further: Data moves to the operations station, Troi approaches Commander Riker, who lies on the floor with a Romulan over him, and Picard checks the command center. None of the consoles function but the console at Ops shows a massive power surge in main engineering. Information from tactical indicates that security teams have been dispatched to transporter room three and sickbay.

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