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This template is used to link to the Project Gutenberg website entries for public domain eBooks. An initial variable is required giving the end path to the eBook in question, and a second variable can be used to alter the linking text. The "end path" to the article is the portion of text in the URL following "ebooks/".

If no initial variable is given, the link will go to the main Project Gutenberg webpage, such as:


Which would produce:

Project Gutenberg

For example, to link to the Project Gutenberg text of The Fall of the House of Usher's, a page would have a template call such as:


This would produce:

The Fall of the House of Usher at Project Gutenberg

If other link text is desired, such as "House of Usher", the following format should be used:

{{gutenberg|932|House of Usher}}

This would produce:

House of Usher at Project Gutenberg

A third parameter can be passed to change the path from the standard "ebooks" path used on Project Gutenberg for links to other locations:

{{gutenberg|languages/en|Browse the English catalog|browse}}

This would produce:

Browse the English catalog at Project Gutenberg
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