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This template is designed as a navigational tool for novel-related pages. It is fairly complex, and usage can be tricky. The general framework is:

{{Novel nav
|series      = 
|prev        = 
|next        = 
|series2     = 
|prev2       = 
|next2       = 
|series3     = 
|prev3       = 
|next3       = 
|chrono      =
|prevchrono  =
|nextchrono  =


A general example of the template, where the relevant previous and next cells all point to separate novels:

{{Novel nav
| series      = [[Pocket TNG]]
| prev        = #40: ''[[Possession]]''
| next        = #42: ''[[Infiltrator]]''
| series2     = [[Star Trek: Invasion!|Invasion!]]
| prev2       = [[Pocket TOS|TOS]] #78: ''[[First Strike]]''
| next2       = [[Pocket DS9|DS9]] #16: ''[[Time's Enemy]]''

Previous novel: Series Next novel:
#40: Possession Pocket TNG #42: Infiltrator
TOS #78: First Strike Invasion!  DS9 #16: Time's Enemy

Where novels may fit into more than one series, a blank variable call results in extending the cell over a second row.

{{Novel nav
|series      = [[Pocket VOY]]
|prev        = #1: ''[[Old Wounds]]''
|next        = ''[[String Theory]]'' #1: ''[[Cohesion]]''
|series2     = [[Spirit Walk]]
|prev2       =
|next2       = {{final|novel}}

Previous novel: Series Next novel:
#1: Old Wounds Pocket VOY String Theory #1: Cohesion
Spirit Walk  Final novel in series

If a novel covers more than two series, it is not currently possible to extend the cell beyond a second row. Including more than one series in a single "series" template call may be a way to get around this issue.


The "chrono" variable, and its associated "previous" and "next" variables, are intended to be used where a clear throughline exists between novels, but an intermediate publication exists separating them. This is often the case with more recent novels, as a much more clear continuity exists. A blank "previous" or "next" cell results in "As release order" being used.

{{Novel nav
|series      = Pocket VOY
|prev        = ''[[Distant Shores]]''
|next        = ''[[Unworthy]]''
|chrono      = Yes
|prevchrono  = ''[[Spirit Walk]]'' #2: ''[[Enemy of My Enemy]]''
|nextchrono  = 

Previous novel: Series Next novel:
Distant Shores Pocket VOY Unworthy
Spirit Walk #2: Enemy of My Enemy Chronological order As release order
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