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This template is intended to simplify the wikicode needed for properly formatting starship names in the references section, such as:

[[USS Yamato|''Yamato'', USS]]

This template should not be used directly, much like {{Ship}}, but rather be accessed via the template series.

The template series allows for up to three variables:

  1. Ship's name
  2. Disambiguation (if any)
  3. Textual postfix (if any)
{{USSr|Shipname|Disambiguation|Postfix text}}
Note: All examples on this page use the {{USSr}} template form.


The simplest use is with the ship's name, such as:


Yamato, USS

Use of the single variable version should be avoided if a name has been given to more than one ship, unless the object is to direct the user to a disambiguation page. An example of this would be:


Enterprise, USS

To use a link to a disambiguating starship name, enter the disambiguation text as the second variable to the template:


Exeter, USS

Please note that for ship names listed with a letter following, such as USS Enterprise-D, that letter that should given as the third variable which is postfixed to the name (unlike the typical third variable which is the entire text):


Enterprise-D, USS

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