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Link to Series, or Series (Remastered), by their abbreviation. The series' title is correctly italicized.

Code Result
{{s|TOS}} Star Trek: The Original Series
{{s|TOS|R}} Star Trek: The Original Series - Remastered
{{s|TAS}} Star Trek: The Animated Series
{{s|TAS|R}} Star Trek: The Animated Series - Remastered
{{s|TNG}} Star Trek: The Next Generation
{{s|TNG|R}} Star Trek: The Next Generation - Remastered
{{s|DS9}} Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
{{s|DS9|R}} Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Remastered
{{s|VOY}} Star Trek: Voyager
{{s|ENT}} Star Trek: Enterprise
{{s|DIS}} Star Trek: Discovery
{{s|ST}} Star Trek: Short Treks
{{s|PIC}} Star Trek: Picard
{{s|LD}} Star Trek: Lower Decks
{{s|PRO}} Star Trek: Prodigy
{{s|u31}} untitled Section 31 series
{{s|SNW}} Star Trek: Strange New Worlds
{{s|AT}} After Trek
{{s|TRR}} The Ready Room
{{s|ENG}} Engage: The Official Star Trek Podcast
{{s|TPD}} Star Trek: The Pod Directive
{{s|PP}} Star Trek Picard Podcast

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