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This template can be used as a standardized sidebar on any astronomical object or star system page. Please only use in-universe information, heard or seen in any Star Trek television show or feature film. The resulting layout can be seen on the right. The template uses the following variables.


The following code can be copied to the top of any planet article directly.

{{sidebar astronomical object
| name        = 
| aka         = 
| orbital     = 
| ocaption    = 
| surface     = 
| scaption    = 
| image       = 
| caption     = 
| class       = 
| type        = 
| star        = 
| satellites  = 
| species     = 
| location    = 
| affiliation = 
| status      = 
| datestatus  = 


Name of the the thing. Use AKA for prominent alternate names.
Filename of an image, without "File:" namespace prefix. Should be an image showing the object from orbit, and can be omitted if such doesn't exist.
Filename of an image, without "File:" namespace prefix. Should be an image showing some detail on the surface of the object, and can be omitted if such doesn't exist. At least one of the two images should be used.
Filename of an image, without "File:" namespace prefix for systems and objects where Orbital and Surface would not apply.
Optional caption for the orbital/surface and standard images for mouseovers. These should not include any markup at all.
Planetary class, if known. Leave blank otherwise; this field is optional.
Type of body, i.e. planet or planetoid; this field is optional.
Last status of the object known. Use Datestatus for the date the status reference.
The system's star, or stars.
What planets orbit the star(s)
Name of natural satellites (moons). Leave blank if none or unknown.
Name(s) of primary native sentient species. Leave blank if none or unknown.
Name of planetary system, followed by galactic quadrant planet is located in.
Organization this planet is affiliated with. Optional, leave blank if none or unknown.


{{sidebar astronomical object
| name        = Earth
| orbital     = Earth.jpg
| ocaption    = The North American continent as seen from orbit
| surface     = Starfleet Academy, 2368.jpg
| scaption    = Starfleet Academy
| class       = [[Class M|M]]
| type        = [[Planet]]
| satellites  = [[Luna]]
| species     = [[Human]]<br />[[Neanderthal]]<br />[[Voth]]<br />[[Humpback whale]]
| location    = [[Sol system]]<br />[[Sector 001]]<br/>[[Alpha Quadrant]]
| affiliation = [[United Earth]]<br />[[Coalition of Planets]]<br />[[United Federation of Planets]]
| status      = Habitable
| datestatus  = 3189
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