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For use on all book pages. Use the sub-templates {{sidebar biography book}}, {{sidebar novel}}, {{sidebar reference book}}, and {{sidebar rpg book}} if appropriate. If more than one cover exists, the first published should go in the sidebar, the remainder - along with any audiobook covers - should be put into a subsection of "Background information" labeled "Cover gallery".

{{Sidebar book
|dt           = Changes the format of the displayed title in the event of a disambiguation in the page name
|image        = Cover image (if blank, will show no image)
|caption      = Alternate image caption (default: "Cover image")
|author       = Author(s) names
|artist       = Artist(s) names
|editor       = Editor(s) names (can be omitted)
|publisher    = Publishing company
|series       = Series with issue number (if any)
|production   = Production number
|published    = Date of publication
|pages        = Number of pages (if known)
|year         = Year story/issue set in (if known)
|stardate     = Stardate story/issue set in (if known)
|ISBN         = ISBN number (if available)
|AB abridged  = If the audiobook is abridged, enter Yes
|AB read by   = Narrator(s) names for an audiobook (if known/any)
|AB runtime   = Running Time for an audiobook (if known/any)
|AB publisher = Publishing company for audiobook (if known/any)
|AB published = Date of publication for audiobook (if known/any)
|AB ISBN      = ISBN number for audiobook (if known/any)


{{Sidebar book
|image        = Q-Squared.jpg
|author       = [[Peter David]]
|artist       = [[Keith Birdsong]]
|publisher    = [[Pocket Books]]
|series       = [[Pocket TNG]]
|published    = {{d|15|July|1994}}
|pages        = 434
|year         = [[2370]]
|ISBN         = 0671891529 (hardcover)<br />ISBN 0671891510 (paperback)
|AB read by   = [[John de Lancie]]
|AB publisher = [[Simon and Schuster Audioworks]]
|AB published = {{d|1|July|1994}}
|AB runtime   = 3 hours
|AB ISBN      = 0671891804
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