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For use on all calendar pages. If more than one cover exists, the first published should go in the sidebar, the remainder should be put into a subsection of ==Background information== labeled ===Cover gallery===

{{Sidebar calendar
|image     = Cover image
|caption   = Alternate image caption (default: "Cover image")
|author    = Author(s) names
|artist    = Artist(s) names
|publisher = Publishing company
|series    = Series
|published = Date of publication
|pages     = Number of pages (if known)
|ISBN      = ISBN number (if available)


{{Sidebar calendar
|image     = Star Trek Calendar 2010.jpg
|publisher = [[Pocket Books]] and [[Andrews McMeel Publishing]]
|series    = [[Star Trek: The Original Series calendars|Star Trek: The Original Series]]
|published = {{d|1|July|2009}}
|pages     = 24
|ISBN      = {{ISBN|0740782126}}
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