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{{Sidebar comic
|image      = Cover image
|writer     = Writer(s) names
|artist     = Artist(s) names
|publisher  = Publishing company
|editor     = Editor(s) names (can be omitted)
|series     = Series with issue number (if any)
|cover date = Date on cover (if any, and if different from publication date)
|published  = Date of publication
|pages      = Number of pages (if known)
|year       = Year story/issue set in (if known)
|stardate   = Stardate story/issue set in (if known)
|reference  = Reference number(s) (ISBN or ASIN, if available)
|image2     = Alternate cover image (if any)


{{Sidebar comic
|image      = who killed capt kirk.jpg
|writer     = [[Peter David]]
|artist     = [[Tom Sutton]] and [[Ricardo Villagran]]
|publisher  = [[DC Comics]]
|editor     = [[Robert Greenberger]]
|series     = [[DC TOS volume 1]]
|published  = {{d|1|August|1993}}
|pages      = 176
|year       = [[2286]]
|stardate   = 9000.4
|reference  = {{ISBN|1563890968}}
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