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{{Sidebar comic series
|image     = Cover image
|caption   = Caption for cover (default: "Issue #1 cover")
|publisher = Publishing company
|series    = Series (for mini-series entries)
|published = Dates of publication
|issues    = Number of Issues (if applicable)
|year      = Year story/issue set in (if known)
|stardate  = Stardate story/issue set in (if known)


{{Sidebar comic series
|image     = against their nature KLI cover.jpg
|caption   = Cover of "Klingon Language Edition" Issue #1
|publisher = [[IDW Publishing|IDW Comics]]
|series    = [[Star Trek: The Original Series (IDW)|Star Trek: TOS]]
|published = {{m|April|2007}} - {{m|September|2007}}
|issues    = 5
|year      = ''Various''
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