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This template is for magazine series rather than individual issues (which should use {{sidebar magazine}}).

This template uses the page name as the header of the sidebar. Every parameter is optional.

{{Sidebar magazine series
|name      = Name of the series
|image     = Typical cover image
|caption   = Caption if different from a typical cover image
|publisher = Publishing company
|published = Years of publication
|issues    = Number of issues published
|editor    = Editor(s) names
|pages     = Average number of pages per issue


{{sidebar magazine series
|name      = ''Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection''
|image     = Star Trek The Official Starships Collection logo.png
|caption   = Series logo
|publisher = [[Eaglemoss Collections]]<br/>[[De Agostini]] (Japan)
|published = {{y|2012}} - {{y|2020}}
|issues    = 180 Standard + 22 XL + Bonus, Special, Shuttle Editions
|editor    = [[Ben Robinson]], [[Marcus Riley]], and [[Mark Wright]]
|pages     = 20
|image2    = Star Trek The Official Starship Collection promo.jpg
|caption2  = Standard models with stands
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