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The temporal transporter in use

Temporal transporters were an advancement on transporter technology, allowing the user to transport to a desired space and time by reaching a temporal threshold.

The timeship Relativity was equipped with a temporal transporter, located at the starboard-aft of their bridge. The transporter was used in unison with several other technologies, such as temporal sensors and temporal shields. Temporal sensors allowed for the precise moment and location to be chosen, and temporal shields were raised before making any temporal transports.

When Captain Braxton, commander of the Relativity, attempted to save the USS Voyager from destruction due to a temporal incursion, he used a temporal transporter to beam back and retrieve Seven of Nine moments before the ship exploded.

After bringing Seven back two times, the crew of the Relativity surmised the place and time the temporal disruptor was placed on Voyager, and even caught the saboteur, and attempted to stop him when he was planting it. After beaming Seven back again, she succumbed to temporal psychosis, a psychological effect of using the transporter several times, that left the user mentally unstable, and could even lead to death. (VOY: "Relativity")

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