A temporal violation was a report filed by the Department of Temporal Investigations when it was determined that an individual under Federation jurisdiction had not complied with regulations designed to ensure minimal contamination of the timeline in the event of time travel.

In 2373, Department member Dulmur told Captain Sisko that James T. Kirk had the biggest file on record, with seventeen temporal violations. (DS9: "Trials and Tribble-ations")

Some of the more obvious candidates for Kirk's temporal violations include:

  1. beaming aboard a 20th century Earth Air Force pilot (allegedly "erased")
  2. beaming aboard a 20th century guard (allegedly "erased")
  3. breaking into a military base in 1969 and getting caught (allegedly "erased")
  4. breaking into a military base in 1968 and getting caught, and beaming out risking being seen doing so
  5. stealing clothes and clashing with law enforcement in 1930
  6. beaming aboard two NYC policemen
  7. helping to sabotage a rocket launch in 1968
  8. being involuntarily transported into Sarpeidon's past
  9. giving information about transparent aluminum to the Plexicorp president (although this can be attributed more to Scotty than Kirk, and Scotty himself speculated that they were merely preserving history by providing the original inventor with the means to create it)
  10. bringing two whales from the 20th century to save Earth from the cetacean probe
  11. bringing back Gillian Taylor to the 23rd century
  12. leaving Klingon technology on board the USS Enterprise (CVN-65) (Chekov throws his non-functioning phaser at his captors while trying to escape)
  13. allowing Bones to cure a 20th century patient with 23rd century medicine
  14. using a phaser and de-cloaking a Klingon Bird-of-Prey in the presence of 20th century natives
  15. Temporal Investigations may not know about this, as McCoy may be unaware his phaser went missing and a homeless man killed himself with it
  16. taking work, money, housing and food that others would otherwise have consumed
  17. after Kirk saved the USS Enterprise-B from being destroyed in the Nexus, he was swept into the energy ribbon. Although from his point of view, Kirk was altering future events, he technically went into the past by agreeing to assist Captain Picard stop Soran. However, Picard altered past events by preventing the destruction of the Veridian System and the survivors of the USS Enterprise-D. Kirk would have known that by leaving the timeline, he would be assisting Picard alter the timeline by preventing the torpedo launch.
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