Tepo was a boss on Sigma Iotia II, a planet whose society was based on Earth's gangster period. Jojo Krako's outfit was known to make hits against Tepo, while tepo made hits against Bela Okmyx.

In 2268, James T. Kirk told Bela Okmyx to telephone other bosses, including Tepo, so Montgomery Scott could lock on to them with the transporter and beam them into Okmyx's office. Tepo was, at first, shocked and quite rattled by the experience. He also refused to believe that the Federation syndicate was powerful and resisted the plan to have all the gangs unite under one boss who would answer to the syndicate who would get a piece of the action. He said that all he saw was Kirk and Spock and doubted that there was a powerful syndicate. He agreed to the plan when Kirk had the ship fire phasers on stun in the surrounding area, which knocked out all the bosses' henchmen, thus demonstrating the power of the "Feds" (TOS: "A Piece of the Action")

Tepo was played by actor John Harmon.
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