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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Discovery, and thus may contain spoilers.

Georgiou uncovers the true depths of the plot against her, leading her to a revelation about how deeply her time on the USS Discovery truly changed her.


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2254; 3064; 3187; agonizer; agonizer booth; alliance; Andorians; artist; backchannel; badass; biodata; bitch; bowler hat; bread; brig; Burn, The; "Carnelian"; Charon, ISS; cigar; Class A shuttlecraft; co-conspirator; Coalition; Coridanites; daughter; death opera; Denobulans; DNA; DOT-7; Emerald Chain; emperor; field manual; firefly; Georgiou, Philippa; Guardian of Forever; Honor Guard; interrogator; Kelpiens; Khan, Genghis; Khi'eth; Klingon; life signs; Lorca, Gabriel; mirror universe; mother; orison; Osyraa; oxygen; palace; parent; phaser; pain; prime universe; propaganda; rebellion; retirement; revolt; Rigelians; Risa; Romulans; rules of engagement; San; spitting; subspace relay; sword; Tantalus field; technical manual; Tellarites; Temporal War; Terra; Terran; Terran Empire; Terran salute; toast; traitor; vahar'ai; "Vicar"; Vulcan salute; warp conduit

The Star Dispatch

Andoria; Augustus; battle royale; blue giant; Centarius; Dominus of Qo'noS; famine; Highness; Iaponius; Imperial Highness; Jenolan, USS; Magnificence; Majesty; Milky Way Galaxy; Mother of the Fatherland; Norpin V; Overlord of Vulcan; quatloo; Regina Andor; San Francisco; sector 9; Starfleet Command; supernova; throne world; Tkon Empire; Tkon Empire sun; Tkon Empire throne world

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