Terraforming projection

A thirty-year projection of terraforming Velara III

"It's an amazing talent, bringing dead worlds to life. But humility and common sense aren't exactly part of the job description."

Terraforming was the process of modifying the environment of a planet or moon to make it habitable for life. In practice, this often meant modifying the world to be more like class M planets.

Its converse was bioforming, which is the process of adapting a species biology and anatomy to the planet. (VOY: "Demon")


Terraforming began with selecting a planet which has the right mass, gravity, rate of rotation, and balanced periods of day and night. Federation efforts at terraforming were coordinated by Terraform Command and ensured both that there was no life on the planet, and that it would never naturally occur.

Next, water had to be be made available for life in water basins. This could be done using hydraulic landscaping, sometimes with the additional step of filtering and re-oxygenating the subsurface water. If the water was hypersaline (incredibly high salt content) portions of it could be desalinated to meet terrestrial and agricultural needs. Then, microorganisms were introduced as the first constituents of the biosphere permitting it's atmosphere into self sustaining oxygen production. As the biosphere expanded, higher order plants were introduced. One of the key metrics of the process being successful was monitoring the amount of vegetation on the planet.

Industrial replicators would allow for manufacture of large volumes of volatile compounds and elements critical for life (Carbon dioxide, Nitrogen, Ammonia, methane, etc). Terraformers accelerated the process; thus it would only would take around 30 years to build a habitable world. Given in nature it would take millions or billions of years; or not at all given the planet. (TNG: "Home Soil")



The universal atmospheric element compensator might also be a terraforming device.

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