Mirror Universe
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Empress Georgiou

Emperor Philippa Georgiou (2256)

The Terran emperor or empress was the emperor of the Terran Empire, a repressive interstellar government dominated by the Terrans from Earth in the mirror universe.

In January 2155, Jonathan Archer intended to overthrow the existing emperor and take his place. However, Hoshi Sato declared herself empress of the Terran Empire after seizing control of the USS Defiant and ordering Starfleet's unconditional surrender. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II")

In the 2250s, Philippa Georgiou was the Terran emperor. Upon reading data files obtained by rebels fighting the Empire, Michael Burnham referred to this emperor as "faceless." (DIS: "The Wolf Inside", "Despite Yourself")


Titles of Philippa Georgiou as emperor included:

Terran emperors

While Spock assumed a leading position within the Terran Empire, he was only referred to as "commander in chief", but not Emperor.
According to The Sorrows of Empire, he did become emperor after assassinating Sato's second clone and was ultimately the last person to hold this office. The Pocket TOS novels Spectre and Dark Victory featured an alternate timeline where James T. Kirk became emperor, calling himself "Emperor Tiberius". Another mirror timeline shown in the Pocket TNG novel Q and A mentioned an empress.

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