Mirror Universe
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For the mirror universe counterpart, please see Bajoran interceptor.

A Terran fighter was a type of medium-sized craft used by the Terran Resistance Forces in the mirror universe against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance during the 2370s.

The rebels' use of "small fighters" didn't work in their goal of reaching Terok Nor. (DS9: "Through the Looking Glass")

Technology Edit

This type of ship had sensors capable to detecting slight energy distortions in subspace, caused by cloaked ships.

Each ship also possessed a transporter. (DS9: "Through the Looking Glass")

Interior Edit

This type of ship was large enough to be be equipped with corridors with multiple attached rooms, including crew quarters and a transporter bay.

The ship could flown with a crew of two. (DS9: "Through the Looking Glass")

The transporter area was described in the script as "A small transporter alcove like the one on the Defiant, but less "Starfleet clean.""

Ships of the classEdit


Background information Edit

The Terran fighter was a reuse of the Bajoran interceptor.

Originally, the first draft script of "Through the Looking Glass", this ship design was initially described as "a type of ship we've never encountered before. It looks like a raiding ship, sleek and built for combat. Like the fighters of the Mirror Sisko, it bears an Earth and broken chain emblem."

The final draft of the same episode's teleplay changed the initial description to instead refer to the vessel as "a ship very similar to the Maquis raider we saw in the Voyager pilot." The later Terran raider, which was more akin to the scripted design here than the what appeared, was in turn scripted as a runabout, rather than what that design appeared as.

The script notes retained the "raider" designation, even referring to the interior sets under that moniker. [1]

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