The Territorial Compromise was a treaty written in the 2050s between the Andorians and Vulcans with regards to who controlled a planetoid that was called "Paan Mokar" by the Vulcans and "Weytahn" by the Andorians. It took eight years to work out the details of the Compromise and was 1,200 pages in length.

The Andorians, however, felt the "compromise" was merely 100 years of oppression, which began with the Vulcan annexation of the planet and building a military outpost on it, followed by the herding of the Andorian inhabitants there into refugee camps.

In 2152, the Territorial Compromise became the heart of the dispute between the two species, with regards to who controlled the planet. Shran agreed to release his prisoners at the time following the immediate withdrawal of all Vulcan military forces, the rescission of the Territorial Compromise, and irrevocable sovereignty of Weytahn must be conceded to Andoria. (ENT: "Cease Fire")

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