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For the DIS episode with a similar title, please see "Terra Firma, Part 1".

Marooned on a deadly planet, the crew must work together with their captive Gwyn to stay alive... except the planet isn't the only thing in pursuit.


Act I[]

The crew is stranded on Murder Planet when their ship, the USS Protostar, is flung several kilometers away after a failed hijacking attempt by Gwyn. After ejecting from the Protostar, Gwyn and Murf crash landed on the surface in a half-finished escape shuttle. During the crash, Gwyn suffered a compound fracture in her leg. Dal is upset that she tried to steal their ship and blames her for stranding them on the planet. However, night is falling and the planet's predatory superorganism is still eager to consume them, so the crew and Gwyn are forced to hike towards the assumed location of the Protostar following coordinates given by Hologram Janeway, hoping to find it before the ship is also consumed by living vines. Gwyn manipulates her heirloom into a leg brace and follows the crew, though Dal remains distrustful of her.

As the vines infiltrate the ship's nacelles, Hologram Janeway is limited by what she can do, as she does not have access to high-priority systems. Eventually, she realizes she can "clean house" by using the Protostar's photonic ship scrubbers to sterilize the exterior of the ship and burn off the vines, buying the Protostar crew the time to get to the ship.

The Protostar crew's worst nightmare

Their worst nightmare is manifested by the cilium-like vegetation as a giant watcher.

As the crew continues their journey towards the ship, they are surprised when the planet's mountainous terrain begins terraforming around them, sending them in circles so that they can't find the ship easily. Suddenly, a strange noise emits from the surrounding forest, and Dal speculates that if this psychic planet can manifest their dreams, it could also manifest their nightmares. From the darkness, a gigantic watcher emerges to attack them. The phasers they have been fixed to only use the stun setting, leaving them defenseless against the creature until Gwyn uses hers to ignite a torch and hurl it at the watcher. The watcher and the surrounding forest ignite, forcing everyone to leap off of an embankment down into a ravine.

Act II[]

Klingon Bird-of-Prey crashed

The crew discovers a downed Bird-of-Prey on the surface of Murder Planet.

The crew takes refuge in a downed Klingon Bird-of-Prey from the planet, which has resorted to using acid rain to attempt to digest them. While eating gagh, Jankom has cooked up from Klingon emergency rations and examining a mek'leth, Dal and Gwyn settle their differences as Gwyn explains that her relationship with her father is complicated and the heirloom is the only thing he ever gave her. While looking up at the stars, Gwyn realizes they can use the stars to navigate to the Protostar, as the planet cannot manipulate their positions in the sky. Elsewhere, The Diviner has followed Gwyn's coordinates to Murder Planet and prepares to come below to retake the Protostar.

Act III[]

The crew encounter Drednok, and at first assume he is another illusion manifested by the planet. However, he proves to be real, forcing them to flee after Gwyn attempts to protect them and has her heirloom 'leg brace' blasted apart by the android, leaving her unable to stand. The Diviner believes he has found the ship, slowly being destroyed by vines near where the injured Gwyn is being overcome by vines. Reaching out to him for help, she calls him "Father" in her distress as she pleads for him to rescue her. The Diviner appears conflicted but to Gwyn's shock, ultimately chooses the Protostar, only to discover the ship is a vine illusion as well. Elsewhere, Dal and the others find the real Protostar and take off, rescuing Gwyn before she is eaten by the planet.

The crew manages to escape on the Protostar and ascend into space. As Gwyn is helped to the captain's chair so she can rest, she tells Dal of how The Diviner abandoned her, to which he gives his condolences. At first, they believe they have escaped The Diviner, but soon find his ship, the Rev-12 is in hot pursuit as they are at warp. At first, they plan to shut down the gravimetric protostar containment in order to boost their warp factor, until Zero deduces that their ship is called the Protostar because it's in fact, powered by a miniature protostar. The Protostar is caught in a tractor beam, and The Diviner hails the Protostar ordering Gwyn to "do the right thing" and surrender the ship to him. Gwyn, feeling betrayed by her father, chooses to escape with the crew instead and orders the computer to activate the protostar drive. The ship enters proto-warp and disappears off of The Diviner's long range sensors.

Log entries[]

Memorable quotes[]

"The planet seems to have given up luring us to stay and has resorted to more direct methods."

- Zero

"Technically, it's not a planet, but a sentient lifeform. Perhaps I can ask its name." (telepathically asking the planet) "No. It just wants to eat us."
"Murder Planet it is."
"Aww, I really liked Larry."

- Zero, Jankom Pog, and Rok-Tahk, about the "Murder Planet"

"No crew, no weapons. Just access to non-essential systems. Think. What would the real Janeway do? She would clean house."

- Hologram Janeway

"The planet has been terraforming around us."
"It's trying to scare us?"
"No. Terraforming. It means the planet is changing. Usually, to become more habitable. But in this case, it's sending us in circles."

- Zero, Rok-Tahk, and Gwyn

"If the planet can make our dreams come true, what about our nightmares?"

- Dal

"I can't believe there are so many stars."
"See that cluster in the line of stars to the left? It looks like-"
"Like a constipation."
"Constellation. Constipation is what we'll both have after eating Jankom's stew."

- Gwyn and Dal R'El

"The Protostar isn't just the name of the ship. The engine is a protostar!"

- Zero, realizing the secret of the Protostar

"You made your choice, Father. Now I've made mine."

- Gwyn, before the Protostar jumps to proto-warp

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acid rain; aft; arts and crafts; augment; beacon; beam; Brikar; captain; captain's log; (USS Protostar); command level authorization; compound fracture; constellation; constipation; coordinates; "copy that"; course; Dal R'El's family; diagnostic; digestion; dream; Drednok; emergency reserves (aka power reserves); escape shuttle; fire; food replicator; fugitives; full disinfection mode; fuzzy creature; gravimetric protostar containment (aka protostar containment); hail; heirloom; high-priority system; hill; Hirogen star system; hologram; hybrid; Janeway, Kathryn; kilometer; Klingon; Klingon Bird-of-Prey (unnamed); lifeform; log; M class; main course; maximum warp; maze; Medusan; mek'leth; Mellanoid slime worm; mud; Murder Planet (aka "Larry"); name; nightmare; obsession; orbit; photonic ship scrubber; plasma coil; "play hardball"; primary power; progeny; proto-warp; protostar; Protostar, USS; Protostar-class; psychokinesis; rations; riddle; Rev-12; Runaway; science lesson; secondary power; sleeper ship stew; shooting star; Shuttle 06; shuttlebay doors; star; starship; steal; suit; Tellarite; terraforming; torch; tractor beam; tricorder; type 1 phaser; Vau N'Akat; vine; vote; warp engine (aka warp drive); warp signature; warrior; Watcher; wind; woods

Console references[]

bridge; Bussard collector; calculator; captain's chair; communicator; conference suite; control panel; control station; environmental subsystem; flight status; galactic map; gas sensor; geography; gun turret; holding cell; media player; motion tracker; nacelle; observation lounge; phaser array; planet tracker; proto-engine; shuttlebay; shuttlecraft fuel storage; sickbay; subspace antenna; terrain; torpedo launcher; torpedo storage bank; viewscreen; warp core; workbee storage

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