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Thad Lamey is the actor who appeared as the Devil in the Star Trek: The Next Generation fourth season episode "Devil's Due".

Lamey was born in Camaguay, Cuba and lived in Bangkok in Thailand, Ibaden in Nigeria and Seoul in South Korea as well as California, North Dakota, Minnesota and Louisiana. He graduated from the Seoul Foreign School in 1977 and attended the Grand Rapids Senior High School. In 1983 he received his BA in Theatre Arts from the Minnesota State University and five years later his MFA in Acting from The University of California. He studied acting under Delia Salvi and Clyde Ventura and movement under Anthony DeLongis.

Beside his Star Trek role, Lamey had a supporting role in the drama Deadly Delusions (1999, with stunt coordinator and second unit director Terry James) and a featured role in the movie Y.M.I. (2004, with David Jean Thomas, Diana Cignoni, and Brandi Sherwood). Other credits include the independent movies Days Without Horses, Billy Conroy Takes A Stand, Goddess Girl, Furious George, and Around Midnight as well as a recurring role in the television series University (2001).

Also a stage actor, Lamey portrayed the lead roles in the plays "Medieval Times", "Viking" (two seasons at The Headwaters Society), and "The Last Viking" at the Virginia Historical Theatre. Other plays include "New Moon" at the FM Civic Opera and "Grass Harp" and "Grease" at the Straw Hat Players.

Today he is working as receiving manager for Barnes & Noble in Corona, California.

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