Trevis burns while Flotter looks on

The Adventures of Flotter was a series of children's holoprograms set in the Forest of Forever, where colorful characters like Flotter, Trevis, Stinger, and the Ogre of Fire (a representations of natural elements or forces of nature) helped teach deductive reasoning skills.

Some Flotter stories included:

The program appears to incorporate information about past users and distributes the information to all "copies" of itself; the program recognized Samantha Wildman as having used the program multiple decades before her daughter, despite the program being a copy on the USS Voyager in the Delta Quadrant at the time, though it could have been her own copy that she brought with her. (VOY: "Once Upon a Time")

Kathryn Janeway, Harry Kim, B'Elanna Torres, and Samantha Wildman enjoyed the Flotter adventures as children. Janeway claimed to have flooded the entire forest when she was a child of six. Naomi Wildman also enjoyed the holoprogram on Voyager, and sometimes participated in the stories with her mother and Neelix. The young girl also owned a stuffed Flotter doll, created for her by Neelix. (VOY: "Once Upon a Time", "Lineage")

Soji Asha owned a lunchbox featuring Flotter, seemingly a memento from her childhood. However, her memories of it were in fact false. (PIC: "The Impossible Box")

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