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Somewhere on the Klingon frontier lies the heart of a secret weapon. It is known as the Children of Heaven. Many believe possessing it will make you immortal, invincible, unconquerable.
The people of Chal believe their planet is doomed. Once their home was a paradise; now their very existence is threatened. They send out one exceptional woman to seek a defender, a hero.
In the dark silent skies of the Federation, a grand lady is numbering her last days. The USS Enterprise is being decommissioned. Her crew is scattered across the stellar winds.
James Kirk, the quintessential starship captain, finds himself without a ship. The barren years stretch endlessly before him. A man without a home, a hero without a mission, a legend living life without purpose.
In one extraordinary moment, James Kirk turns his back on everything he has ever known. He becomes the hero that the Chal seek. That act entangles him in a web of intrigue that reaches from the halls of Starfleet to the home world of the Klingon High Council — sealing James Kirk's fate as a marked man.

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Shortly after the Khitomer Conference (Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country), James T. Kirk decides to resign from Starfleet as his old Starfleet Academy nemesis Androvar Drake is appointed commander-in-chief of Starfleet Command. Lacking any drive in his life, Kirk accepts a last chance for adventure with the seductive young Teilani who wants him to protect her paradise planet; so Kirk and Scotty take the mothballed USS Enterprise-A and head for Chal where a secret Starfleet cabal seek to exploit the planet for all its fountain of youth properties. The rest of the former Enterprise crew hitch a ride on Hikaru Sulu's USS Excelsior and together the crew once again save the universe. The Enterprise-A is destroyed while defending the Excelsior from Klingon battle cruisers under the direction of Admiral Drake.

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