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The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko, subtitled The Life of Starfleet's Legendary Captain and Emissary, is a reference book produced by Titan Books. Written by Derek Tyler Attico, and released in November 2023, it is an in-universe biography of Benjamin Sisko.

The book was first announced by on 17 January 2023 with release date of later that year to coincide with the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. [1]


Benjamin Sisko tells the story of his career in Starfleet, and his life as a father and Bajor's Emmissary of the Prophets. Charting his rise through the ranks, his pioneering work designing the Defiant-class, his critical role as ambassador and leader during the Dominion War, and his sacred standing as a religious leader of his adopted home.
Discover the hidden history of his childhood and early career in Starfleet, and the innermost thoughts of the man who discovered the Gamma Quadrant, made first contact with the wormhole aliens, and united Starfleet, Klingon and Romulan forces to defeat the Dominion Empire. See Sisko's personal take on his confidents Lieutenant Dax and Major Kira Nerys, the enigmatic Garak, and his adversaries, Gul Dukat and Kai Winn, as well as his fatherly advice for his son Jake.
From the pages of Anselm to the writings of Benny Russell, from father to son, Sisko's story is a unique phenomenon in Starfleet and Human history, told in the unique way only he can.

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Background information[]

  • Derek Tyler Attico was commissioned after Titan Books read a DS9 short story that he written several years earlier: "Titan Books read a Star Trek short story I wrote titled "The Dreamer and the Dream." It was a DS9 Benny Russell story published by Pocket Books for their Star Trek Strange New Worlds Anthology contest for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek in 2016. After reading that story, they realized I would be a good fit for The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko. I had a conversation with the managing editor, and he liked my ideas for the book. I got the project. This was also my first novel, so it was a very personal and professional journey. I came up with the book's story, themes, and new characters myself. I realized this book had an opportunity to not only deliver the origin story of Benjamin Sisko but it could also be a father's message to his son. The book could also make a statement about life in the 24th century and, in doing so, be the mirror Star Trek has been known to be for all of us." [2]
  • The author commented, "[Sisko] is already a complex man with a rich history and a strong sense of character, duty and family when we meet him. So as I constructed his origins, I knew that his family and the experiences that molded Ben needed to represent the authenticity, strength and love we see in Sisko as an adult. And in creating Ben's past, questions needed to be answered. Why didn't we ever see his siblings? What is New Orleans like in the 24th century? What was it like building the USS Defiant? These are just a few of the questions I've asked and answered. The Autobiography of Benjamin Sisko will have something in it not only for fans of Sisko and Deep Space Nine but for everyone that enjoys Star Trek." [3]


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