Original Airdate:1990-06-18
Production Number:174
Written by:Michael Piller
Directed by:Cliff Bole

The Borg begin their long-dreaded invasion of the Federation, and the Enterprise is the only ship available to confront them. (Season Finale)


The Enterprise arrives in orbit around Jouret IV, location of New Providence, one of the Federation's outermost colonies, after a loss of communication. Beaming down, Riker and an Away team discover the entire colony has been scooped off the face of the planet, much in the manner of those found in System J-25 a year earlier.

Admiral Hanson, an old friend of Picard's, arrives to investigate the site for signs of Borg activity, since the descriptions of the surface devastation match previous known attack sites. Accompanying Hanson is Lt. Cmdr Shelby, a Borg expert.

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Background Information

This was intended as the last contribution by Michael Piller to Star Trek. He wrote the episode with no idea on how to conclude it because he was leaving to "write screenplays on a beach". However, Gene Roddenberry asked Michael Piller to stay on and he agreed, meaning that he then had the task of trying to conclude this amazing story.

The assimilation of Picard to the Borg was rumoured to have been written because of a contract negotiation between Patrick Stewart and the Powers That Be. If it couldn't be resolved, Picard would've been lost with the Borg, Riker would've become Captain with Shelby as his First officer.

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Borg; cutting beam; USS Lalo; Sentinel Minor IV; Sector 001; Starbase 157; Zeta Alpha II.

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