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A deadly plague infects the station… and the Maquis are involved!


An unidentified damaged shuttle lands at Deep Space 9. As the shuttle is opened an airborne virus begins to spread through the station making several Bajorans ill, including Kira Nerys. Julian Bashir notifies Captain Benjamin Sisko that the virus may have been developed by the Maquis.

At a Maquis base in a moon of a planet in the Badlands, a group of scientists discuss the possibility of their shuttle reaching Federation space. Meanwhile, Doctor Katherine Pulaski demands to know what exactly is going on and starts to argue with her daughter, Jacki, about the Maquis.

On the station, two men plant explosives on the shuttle and destroy it, disabling the station's power system in the process. However, Dr. Bashir manages to use emergency power in the infirmary and Worf and Odo manage to capture the two men responsible for the sabotage. In the infirmary, the number of patients is rising and Jadzia Dax notices that the virus is mutating.

Chief O'Brien takes a team outside the station in an attempt to fix the damage and they manage to restore the station to full power.

At the Maquis base, Dr. Pulaski searches for information about the virus intending to give it to the Federation. When she returns to her quarters she find out her daughter has been affected by the virus.

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