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DVD release
No. of discs: 1
Region free release date: 14 May 2012 (UK)
Region 4 release date: 3 April 2013 (Australia)
Rating(s): OFLC (Australia) - Parental Guidance OFLC (New Zealand) - Parental Guidance
Reference: ASIN B007EAHDKE

Captain James T. Kirk is featured in a promotional shot for The Captains of The Final Frontier

The Captains of The Final Frontier is a ninety-minute Star Trek documentary which was produced for broadcast on A&E Television and The Biography Channel. It first aired on 3 November 2010 in the United States.

The fictional captains of the Star Trek television and film franchise are profiled and contrasted through the use of Star Trek clips, archival stills, statistical analysis, and humorous digital illustrations. This "biography special" focused on the fictitious characters and their "histories", not on the actors who portrayed them.

New interviews were conducted with many people associated with the characters and included:

Production credits

Laura Marini produced the documentary for Sharp Entertainment, A&E Television Networks, and The Biography Channel.


The first release on DVD was in the UK in 2012 and was region free. This was followed by a release in Australia in 2013. The DVD is a bare bones release, with no special features being present.

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