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The Children of Kings is a Pocket TOS novel written by Dave Stern. Published by Pocket Books, it was first released in April 2010.

The novel features Christopher Pike, and is set during his command of the USS Enterprise. The Orion Syndicate, Number One, and Spock also feature.


From the book jacket
A distress call goes out from a Federation outpost near the Klingon border. The USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, responds. Starbase 18 lies in ruin. There are no survivors. And there is no clue as to who is responsible for the attack, until Captain Pike's brilliant science officer discovers a means of retrieving parts of the station's log. Lieutenant Spock has detected signs of a unique energy signature, one that he believes is Klingon. There are unsubstantiated reports that the Klingon Empire has made a technological leap forward and created a cloaking device – code-named Black Snow Seven – that can shield their ships from even the most advanced sensors. The destruction of the base and the unique energy signature that remains prove that the Empire has succeeded.
For generations the Orions have been known as pirates, operating at the margins, outside of legal conventions. A proud and powerful race, the Orions were once a major force in the sector, and they have been using the tension between the Klingon Empire and the Federation to rebuild their power. Captain Pike is charged with trying to foster cooperation between the Orions and the Federation. A distress call from an Orion vessel offers him the perfect opportunity. But the Orion ship lies in disputed space long claimed by the Klingon Empire, and crossing it could be the spark that sets off an interstellar war.

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Stocker, Loman

Background information

  • The novel was originally titled To Thine Own Self. It was solicited to retailers by Pocket under that title, and a cover bearing it was used in the Spring 2010 catalog. Stern and editor Margaret Clark ultimately felt that The Children of Kings seemed more appropriate. [1]
  • The title and story were revealed by editor Margaret Clark at the Shore Leave convention on 10 July 2009.
  • Cover art by Cliff Nielsen, design by Alan Dingman.

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