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"The Colony" was an icy, sparsely-inhabited planet in the 32nd century. It had a large crater on its surface and chunks of the planet floated freely in the atmosphere. Many of these fragments also orbited the planet as asteroids.

The planet's atmosphere had low levels of oxygen, although as of 3189 there were several artificial, decagon-shaped pockets with higher oxygen content than elsewhere. One of these pockets held a mining settlement of about fifty, most of whom were Coridanites.

The planet's ice was parasitic, and was known to grow around material caught near it. This growth accelerated in the shade and was particularly dangerous at night; Zareh claimed to have seen the ice go down a person's throat on one occasion. It was possible, though risky, to clear a path through it using explosives.

Kal noted that, while they called the planet "the Colony," the planet never had a proper name.

Zareh's ship landed next to the saloon at the Colony.

In 3189, the time traveling USS Discovery arrived from the Battle near Xahea in 2257 and crash landed on the Colony. The starship was nearly crushed by the ice before escaping with the help of Michael Burnham. (DIS: "Far From Home")


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